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Who We Are

Lending a Helping Hand

We are "Pastors

We are all called to help the Christian Church be active participants in the "Priesthood of All Believers," with each of us serving Christ as priests with full access to God. This let's our teams build up the church and equip it for every good work. In other words, we want to help you help others, so they are then able to help more.

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PAPA's is a Non-Profit, 501c3 Tax Exempt Corporation created to enable full-time Missionaries to be on the ground serving daily with the Jamaican church and in the community. This helps not only to build trust but to enable relationships that bring continued encouragement and support by seeing real needs and providing long-term solutions.

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Our Board

Meet the People Behind the Work

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Rev. D. Kay Pratt

Board President

Kay is co-founder and President of PAPA's Ministries. She is a retired ordained minister in the United Methodist Church. She served congregations in Indiana and Michigan for more than 25 years. During her tenure she has been involved in many mission projects and has traveled to do mission work in the US and abroad.

Kay served as a full time missionary in Jamaica for 7 years between 2006 and 2016. Along with husband Merlin, Kay will be serving as Co-Mission Director in Jamaica. She uses her years of ministry experience to guide the organization as it seeks to train pastors and laity to be in mission and ministry to each other. Kay is appointed by the West Michigan Conference to serve PAPA's Ministries. She is now retired in order to work full time with PAPA’s.

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Rev. Merlin H. Pratt


Merlin is co-founder and Vice President of PAPA's Ministries. Merlin has more than 20 years of ministry in local congregations as an ordained minister in the United Methodist Church developing skills in congregational reconciliation and restoration. He has served as Lay Speaking Ministry Coordinator as well as CROP Walk Coordinator for five years. Previous to his calling into the ministry, Merlin experienced a variety of business vocations and skilled trades which help in the daily running of our organization. Merlin served as a full time missionary in Jamaica handling duties of Mission Director and Building Coordinator for 7 years between 2006 and 2016. Pastor Merlin is currently also serving at Lincoln Community United Methodist Church.

The Board


Roxanne Kudwa


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Kevin Gentner

Supply Coordinator

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Rev. Ryan Wenburg



Karen Grams

Texas Coordinator


DeWayne Newell

Indiana Coordinator


MariJo Weatherwax

Michigan Coordinator

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Amy Gentner

Website Coordinator

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Susan Clemmer

Member At Large


Odane Roberts

Jamaican Coordinator


Kymani Anderson

Jamaican Youth Coordinator