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What We Do

Our Vision

Helping the Church BE the Church

 PAPA'S Ministries was founded in 2010 to assist the  Methodist Church in Jamaica to continue its vital work of making disciples of Jesus Christ. 


We now serve in many locations, and with many types of projects. However, the purpose has not changed. We help individuals and groups serve others near and far as the church continues in mission to its neighbors.

What We Do: Our Causes

What We Do

The PAPA'S Leadership Team will assist you in developing your short-term missionary team by providing assistance with cultural training, team development skills and logistics. 

Papa's is available to do team training where you are.  Just lets us know what your needs are. 

Papa's Leadership Team members are also available for mission fairs and other speaking engagements. 

You can contact us at






Serving Those Around You

Helping Others Be Short-Term Missionaries

You Can Go

Short-term mission teams are an important way for people at home to become active participants in the ongoing work of the church.  It changes our perspective of how the world works and puts names and faces to the needs of others.  

PAPA's Ministries wants to help you use the gifts and passions God has given you to reach others for Christ.   The church in every setting needs to be aware of teaching techniques and skills that enable us to reach people today.  We can prepare you for the mission setting so you can be most effective. Then you can use your talents and share them with others so they can serve as well.

Helping Teams and Individuals Train and Teach

Pass It On

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Where We Serve

And Where You Can Too!



God has guided us to serve the people and church in Jamaica, and usually specifically in the Port Antonio Circuit on the east end of the island (Portland and St Mary's). Pastors Merlin and Kay have served and led others in short-term missions for these many years. The goal is to strengthen the local church as well as share Gods love with individuals in tangible ways. In many ways, Jamaica is the heart of our mission.

PAPAs Jamaica 2015_2623.JPG

Local Missions

There are many ways you can help serve your direct neighbors. PAPA's Ministries supports local initiatives to share its mission in Michigan and Indiana. This includes helping the church be the church, helping other become short-term missionaries, and helping teams and individuals train and teach.


Out of State Opportunities

There are also opportunities to partner with PAPA's Ministries out of state. We have volunteers in states including Michigan, Indiana, and Texas who are willing to work with you and your team. This can provide an out-of-state mission for groups such as youth or Bible study groups.

Haiti Youth Retreat 7.jpg

Other Countries

There are many ways for you to serve your far away neighbors. At times, PAPA's Ministries has trips or support to provide beyond our normal mission fields. In addition, if you have a faith-based mission in mind, talk to us- we may be able to help make it happen.

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