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Contact us today to schedule your next Mission Trip.

PAPA's Ministries leads short-term mission trips to Jamaica, Michigan, Indiana, Texas, and other locations. We send groups to teach, serve, lead music and VBS, and many other projects.

Pastors and Priests Available for Service

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Change a Life

Become A Short-Term Missionary

If you feel moved by the work PAPA'S Ministries promotes, we would very much appreciate your support. Put together a team and/or set up your donation to PAPA'S Ministries today. It’s easy and most importantly, it will make a major difference in the lives of so many who are in need of help. Contact us today to learn more or click below to donate now.

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You Can Start Right Now

First Steps

to Becoming a Short-Term Missionary

Once you have decided to partner with PAPA's Ministries to become a short-term missionary, you need to decided if you are coming with your own group or joining one of ours. Please contact us to see current options.


Options Available

for Types of Mission Work

If you are joining a current team, the work will probably already be chosen. If you are developing a team, you can work with a PAPA's representative to chose between types of projects. Groups are needed for construction and maintenance, teaching and training, as well as VBS and pastoral care. It is also possible to work directly with the mission to provide additional support to the missionaries.

PAPA's Ministries Application


As the Next Step

You will work with PAPA's to plan the location, the work, and the schedule of your short-term mission trip. As part of this, you will need to complete and return the application with a deposit. Fees and schedule for payment will be determined with PAPA's and the team leader.

PAPA's Ministries Application

What a Trip to Jamaica Looks Like

It Starts With the Will to Make a Difference

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Typical Schedule

Saturday is the most common day to fly down and travel to the location of serving and staying.
Sunday is for worship and acclimating.
Monday through Thursday are usually filled with serving from 9am to 4pm, with an on-site lunch.
Friday is often a "fun day" to experience a local activity such as a trip to the market, the beach, or waterfalls.
Saturday is the normal day to return to the airport and fly home.

Evening Activities

Some evenings will be for relaxing or preparing for the next day. However, others may include worship, additional projects, sight-seeing, or cultural dinners. There will be a group devotional each night.

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